Door Protector (White)

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This magnet is for the carrier that just wants protection for their vehicle.
It is Commercial Grade 30 mil magnetic material with a white matte vinyl surface.
It has nothing printed on it and measures approximately 12" x 24".
The magnet can easily be trimmed to fit around door handles, moulding, etc.
Always remember...All magnets must lay flat "all the way around" or you WILL lose them!

    14 Reviews

  • Posted by Vickie on 29th Jun 2019


    packaging of product to ship

    Those thin rubber bands used to wrap around the door signs eat into the signs and make them split. Wider rubber bands would do better From PJ's: Thanks! I never thought about that since we don't see them again after we rubber band them. Makes sense!

  • Posted by Unknown on 21st Oct 2018



    Good magnet. Its prevented mailbox and tree from scratching my car. Highly recommend

  • Posted by Rochelle on 26th Feb 2018


    Perfect for covering the small spots!

    I bought this knowing I would need to cover spots where the other magnet wouldn't. Very easy to cut and as long as you clean the surfaces of vehicle and magnet, and follow the directions and let it get some heat and apply immediately, every piece will stick and not come off. Drove my Honda CRV on route and on highway at 80mph and not one piece has come off! Awesome magnets!

  • Posted by Kimberly Williams on 4th Feb 2018



    Good price and quality

  • Posted by Unknown on 9th Mar 2017


    door protection

    Nice and big. Works well