U.S. MAIL Door Protector

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White Magnetic Sign with Red and Blue Lettering 10" X 24"

    9 Reviews

  • Posted by E Patterson on 5th Dec 2021


    Magnetic U. S. Mail car door sign

    Love my new sign! It’s a perfect fit!

  • Posted by Anna on 19th Jul 2020


    US Mail Door Protector

    Works great- protects door and helps with visibility and recognition as a us mail carrier!

  • Posted by Anita Kamm on 1st Jun 2020


    hold on very well, love the bigness

    Love and have already recommended them to a coworker

  • Posted by tammy meade on 29th Jul 2019


    great sign

    measurements and magnetic just as expected

  • Posted by Anna C on 11th Jun 2018


    Great grip!

    Holds on well even at highway speeds. Used for a week now and still holding strong. Good coverage but will get another to trim to fit around the handle on my mazda mpv so the whole door is protected. From PJ's: Thanks for the review! Please remember to follow the instructions that were sent with you order, most importantly, taking the signs off weekly and cleaning both the sign and your vehicle.

  • Posted by Rochelle on 25th Feb 2018


    Perfect Stick abd fit!

    Bought this big door protector for my Honda CRV and it fits perfectly on the door as long as it's under the mirror. Had no issues clinging and staying on! Just follow the directions, let it get some heat from the sun and apply right away. Drove it @ 80mph on highway for 8 hours total and on route, hasn't come off.

  • Posted by Unknown on 28th Jan 2018


    exactly what I was expecting

    I purchased two of these to cover my 4runner door. I put the magnets on my refrigerator to help flatten the night before my route. I trimmed one to fit the handle and the other to cover the rest. The magnets held tight, I reached highway speeds of 60 several times, no problems. They are good magnets, just put them on right. From PJ's: Thanks for the compliment! And you are so right. All you need to do is follow instructions.

  • Posted by Kelli Vielhuber on 18th Mar 2016


    Not really a good fit

    I have a jeep and bought it to use as a door protector on the side in drive on. I had to cut the magnet to make it fit around the door handle. Kind of disappointing. From PJ's: Just wondering which door protector you purchased. The one we sell that just has U.S. MAIL ($12.00) is printed with the U.S. MAIL on lower part of the sign so that you only have the white part of the magnet to trim for your door handle. Every vehicle is different as to where the door handle is and also the size of the handle, so it would be almost impossible to make a protector to fit every make and model.

  • Posted by Unknown on 27th Jan 2016


    Not a good Magnetic hold

    The day I received my magnet,. I unrolled the magnet to let it flatten out. I cleaned the door as instructed. I put it on the next morning when I was ready to start to start my route. It had fallen off before I was half way. From PJ's Signs: One of two things had to have happen. 1. The door you placed the magnet on had an alloy in it that the magnet did not adhere to very well. 2. The edges of the magnet was not laying flat all the way around the sign. We just got back from Atlanta for the SAC Convention and I had the same signs you had purchased on my car and drove speeds up to 80 MPH with no problems what so ever. The best way to check is with a small refrigerator magnet. If these will not stick in all the area you will be putting your sign, then there is no need to order.