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White Magnetic Sign with Red and Blue Lettering 12" X 24".

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12 Reviews

  • Posted by Eva Montgomery on 17th Oct 2019



    Great as always

  • Posted by Tawana Smalls Howard on 18th Jun 2019


    Great for All Mailcarriers

    I love it on my new truck

  • Posted by Julie on 22nd Mar 2019



    It looks really nice on the jeep. The product got here in good time also.

  • Posted by Eva Montgomery on 15th Mar 2019


    You delivered!

    The sign was just what I wanted. j

  • Posted by Derek on 2nd Mar 2019


    Great for the few hours I had it

    I had of of these before and a co worker "stole" it. I ordered a replacement and had put it on today. I have a 94 Cherokee RHD and the fit was just a bit off. I didn't think anything of it because the total amount of area not in contact was about the size of a quarter. Mid way through my route I noticed it was not on the door anymore and surmise it blew of somewhere. Maybe it'll turn up this week but I plan on getting another and, if needed, trimming the size down.
    From PJ's:
    Yes...it has to lie flat all the way around the magnet. Lots of pressure riding down the road at 55-60 MPH if you have very little part of the sign that is not tight against your vehicle.

  • Posted by Karen Tompkins on 8th Sep 2018


    really like this magnet for the sude of my mail jeep.

    Second time ordering from you. Always happy with products.

  • Posted by Unknown on 8th Sep 2017


    Great Visibility

    Sign stands out on vehicle which helps to be seen.
    I use this on the tailgate of my truck. Haven't had any problems with in staying on.

  • Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2017


    Love the look

    After I cleaned my vehicle off good as stated the magnet still did Not sTay on lost it so many will Not stay on I was so disappointed
    From PJ's...
    I would almost bet that your vehicle has an alloy metal (metal and aluminum, which a lot of the newer vehicles have.) The magnets seem to stick but will not adhere near as well as it will not stick to the aluminum that is made in the door panel. If you continually lose the magnets, I would suggest the "ultimate" door protector that we sell. It goes over your door.

  • Posted by Ryan Garrison on 30th Jun 2016


    ... blew off my door

    I purchased this product and followed instructions included. Looked good and seemed to stick to stuck to my car. I applied it to my passenger side door after flattening it out. Started my route, stayed on, but I guess it blew off when i had to hit the highway. Anyway, lost it somewhere :( . Now I'm out $14. Other than that all products have been great from pjsigns.com
    Ryan...Sorry you had the sign to come off your vehicle. Unfortunately, some of the vehicles are being made with an alloy that consists with some aluminum. The signs seem to stick okay, but as we all know magnets will not stick to aluminum. Just not enough steel to hold them securely. You may want to try the "Ultimate Door Protector" we offer. If you decide to get one of these, I will credit you the cost you paid for the one you lost. Thanks,
    PJ's Signs