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Can't Keep Magnetic Signs on your door to keep it from getting scratches?

We have finally got these door protectors back on the web site. We have "re-designed" it to make it even better.

Instead of the magazines that was required to "weight" it down, we now have heavy duty magnets inserted on the door side pocket to serve this purpose. A pocket is sewed on the inside to hold change, pens, etc. We DO NOT advise using this pocket for your scanner

Also, we have now "embroidered" the Postal Service logo with Rural Carrier underneath.

They are only available in the light tan, black, and dark tan. The door protector is made of the same heavy duty vinyl that is used in seat covers to withstand years of use.


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29 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2019


    Excellent Product

    Would highly recommend, well made and does the job!
    From PJ's:
    Thanks for the review!
    These door protectors are really selling well now thanks to the 5 star reviews like yours.

  • Posted by laurabug0813@yahoo.com on 16th Jul 2019


    the door guard is perfect

    The ultimate door guard has been amazing! Covers the right amount of door. Like it says in the product information make sure you put a weight or something in the pocket, when you get a breakaway and nothing is in it the wind will catch it!!
    From PJ's:
    Like a parachute! LOL

  • Posted by Nichole Leiby on 29th Jun 2019


    perfect! works like a charm and looks great, too!

    This door protector is exactly as descrbed, and looks great!

  • Posted by Nancy LeJeune on 8th Jun 2019


    door magnet

    Love love love it

  • Posted by Unknown on 5th Jun 2019


    These are great!

    These are great well made, good strong magnets. I see several others say similar comments about the size, wishing they were wider. I agree otherwise I would have given it 5 stars! Laid out flat they are 25-1/2" long and 13-1/4" wide. You can put as much of it on the outside as you want but you might need to weight down the inside if you put a lot out. The magnetic part is 12" x 9-1/2". Buying two is a good option.
    From PJ's:
    Thanks for the review. When I carried the mail (30 years), I learned shortly that I could come within inches of stopping at a box where the lid of the mail box would be almost center of this door protector which it is designed to protect your vehicle if the lid accidently fell against your vehicle. Seriously, I could have used one 6 inches wide.

  • Posted by Ronny A Wilson on 30th Apr 2019


    Great All The Way

    Rural mail carrier. I purchased one of these several years ago when I started delivering. I have worn the other one out over the years.The best one hands-down in My book. works exellent for My needs. I have recommened this item to other people in my office. Thanks a lot!
    From PJ's:
    Thanks You!

  • Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2019


    it's what I've been looking for!

    You know that feeling Everytime a box lie hits the car? Well, this will fix that!

  • Posted by Mystie Crowe on 5th Apr 2019


    door protection

    I totally recommend this it’s work great
    I brought 2 of them just to have wide length
    Wish it was wider
    Magnets are very strong and just make you put something heavy for other side inside the door
    It’s keep my door from getting scratched and my arm don’t get scratched up from the window framed
    I loved it

  • Posted by Lisa on 29th Mar 2019


    Worth Buying

    I absolutely love it! I just bought a new vehicle the fit is perfect, no more scratches on my door. The pouch is perfect for package markers, Helps keep it organized.