"Ultimate" Door Protector

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Dear customer: We have tried to hold down the cost of these door protectors for the last couple of years, however with the supple chain issue and the continuing price increase in EVERYTHING it takes to make these, we are unfortunately forced to increase the price accordingly. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Can't Keep Magnetic Signs on your door to keep it from getting scratches?

We have finally got these door protectors back on the web site. We have "re-designed" it to make it even better.

Instead of the magazines that was required to "weight" it down, we now have heavy duty magnets inserted on the door side pocket to serve this purpose. A pocket is sewed on the inside to hold change, pens, etc. We DO NOT advise using this pocket for your scanner

Also, we have now "embroidered" the Postal Service logo with Rural Carrier underneath.

They are only available in the light tan and black. The door protector is made of the same heavy duty vinyl that is used in seat covers to withstand years of use.


64 Reviews

  • Posted by Denise Silva on 24th Dec 2022


    Ultimate Door Protector

    Awesome quality quick shipping

  • Posted by Michelle Renee Flowers on 24th Oct 2022


    Best door protector

    I love this thing it works great and the pocket is perfect

  • Posted by Sue Coley on 22nd Sep 2022


    Very useful!

    I just got a Metris and wanted to protect the door. This product is great! The magnets are very strong. Once you place it on the door it won’tr until you take it off. I also really love having the pocket. Thanks for a product that makes the job just a little bit easier!!

  • Posted by Mitchell Latta on 31st Jan 2022


    Door protector

    This works really good but would be better if it was wider.

  • Posted by Kandi on 22nd Sep 2021


    Ultimate door protector

    Absolutely perfect to protect the electronic switches for the windows on the metris. Only thing I would pain would be to make the pocket with a velcro closure, that way it does not Gap open FROM PJS You can actually buy the "2 part" velcro at Hobby Lobby that has adhesive on both parts that would do the job. Thanks for the idea!

  • Posted by Sheila on 10th May 2021


    Quality great, but does not work with new jeep doors

    The new jeeps do not have metal on entire door panel so this does not work with my RHD. Not even sure what to do with it now, afraid it will blow off if not magnetized From PJs Sheila, You can still use it. Take the board with the magnets riveted to it out and put some catalogs or magazines (about 2" + or -worth). This will weight the door protector down on the outside. (This is the way we originally sold this item.) This should work just fine.

  • Posted by Amelia C Barrois on 29th Apr 2021


    Door cover

    These are so awesome! They make my car look more professional and protect from scratches.

  • Posted by Terri Mcnutt on 28th Apr 2021


    Door protector

    Absolutely the best!!! All other door magnets fly off because of the shape of my door but the ultimate door protector is awesome has not even moved when im driving in a dead zone. Love it, thank you!!!

  • Posted by JF Colpron on 7th Apr 2021


    Door protector

    Works Great!