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Do NOT get confused with other companies that are advertising "Tire Cover Graphics". These are just the decals only that go on your existing cover. Usually sells for around $20. Black with YELLOW Printing, or Black with WHITE printing

These are the same type wheel covers you would get from your dealer. 


39 Reviews

  • Posted by Brooke Bossom on 26th Jul 2021


    Rear Tire Cover

    Absolutely love it! Great quality, easy to read and install. Amazing quality!!

  • Posted by Molly Lowe on 6th Mar 2021


    Very pleased with the tire cover, hope to warn all of my frequent stops!

    Thank you!! Could not be more pleased!!

  • Posted by LuAnn Ingols Bilecki on 13th Feb 2021


    Very nice, fits, easy to read!

    Hopefully helps keep my son safe while delivering mail!

  • Posted by Sandra on 4th Feb 2021


    Tire cover

    This fits really well over my Jeep tire and doesn’t get loose with time. This is my second one to purchase. The only reason I had to get a new one is because a dog kept jumping on the old one and ripped it. It has nice big letters so it’s highly visible to other drivers.

  • Posted by Jessica Goodrich on 17th Nov 2020


    US Mail Frequent Stops Tire Cover

    This is my second tire cover from pj signs. My last one was torn in an accident. Instead of the white lettering I went with yellow this time. I feel it has better visibility. I really liked my first one and I know this one will make me more visible on my route as well as protecting my spare tire from sun damage.

  • Posted by Karl on 12th Nov 2020


    Tire cover

    I love my tire cover and God bless you.

  • Posted by Howard (Illinois) on 3rd Nov 2020



    Great quality. Improved my visibility a ton. Was very impressed with product and loved the cute little gifts that were sent with it.

  • Posted by Linda Gingerich on 18th Oct 2020


    Tire cover

    Have bought in past, very durable

  • Posted by Carrie Knapp on 28th Aug 2020


    Us mail tire cover

    Goes above and beyond to make sure its the perfect fit for your size tire!!