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This is our "Newly Designed" Texas Door Protector with the "Rustic Barbed Wire" around the flag. The dimensions are 12" x 24". We have already had several nice compliments on this sign.

9 Reviews

  • Posted by Brittany Fraser on 14th Sep 2022


    I've bought 2 signs and both have flown off and gotten lost

    I've purchased 2 signs within a couple months apart. After following the advice on the application of the signs, they still did not stick to my car. I lost both due to them flying off my car without me realizing it. Never buying signs again. From PJs Unfortunately, a lot of cars today are made with an aluminum alloy which consists mostly aluminum, but some metal, so it seems the magnet is sticking to your vehicle. When you reach speeds of upwards of 50 MPH, then the signs will fly off as you have stated. We had 6 magnets on our vehicle when we went to the NRLCA Convention in Orlando last week. ALL were still on when we arrived and I reached speeds upwards of 80 MPH. So I don't believe the problem is in the magnets we sell. Sorry you are having this problem.

  • Posted by Sean O’Brien on 25th Mar 2022


    Texas Postal Magnet

    As a Texas Rural Carrier this is the best magnet ever. Five stars.

  • Posted by Robert Sellman on 26th Jul 2021



    Is this or is it not a magnet! This needs to be in the description. From PJs It is listed under "Magnetic Signs" category, so yes, it is a magnet.

  • Posted by seanob92@yahoo.com on 8th Feb 2019


    Be proud of your TexasHeritage

    Love my Texas flag for a door protector. On my second one now.

  • Posted by Jane on 13th Sep 2018


    Door sign

    Love this door protector sign. Covers a large area. It is a beautiful sign so I’m extra careful not to scratch it all up. Adheres to my doors and stays put.

  • Posted by Berny on 25th Apr 2018


    Magnetic Door protector

    Good looking sign. Only drawback is it wasn't cut evenly. Had to trim it to make it look and fit right. Fast shipping. Sorry....Human error. We try to cut them as straight as possible.

  • Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2016


    tx carrier

    Really nice signs

  • Posted by Unknown on 6th Mar 2016


    Great for TX Rural Carriers

    I like these magnets. They're large and distinctive. I regularly get positive comments regarding them from customers and other carriers. Also, PJ's uses Priority Mail to ship them. Things must've been moving pretty smoothly because I received mine two days after I ordered.

  • Posted by Wade on 3rd Jul 2015


    Great sign!

    I've had one of these for a while and decided to get two more for another vehicle. They stay on as long as they are applied to a flat surface and stored flat. If you leave them in your vehicle on a warm day, they'll flatten out really well. They look good and customers don't have any confusion about what my vehicle is doing at their house. Wade, Thanks for the compliment on the sign! I wish more carriers would take your advice. When I delivered mail, I had the same signs for 5 or more years...you just have to take care of them and apply them as we instruct you on the paperwork we send with the signs. Thanks for your business! PJ's Signs