Static Cling

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Static Cling (NON MAGNETIC) These signs are designed for vehicles where magnetic signs cannot be used. Not suitable for TINTED WINDOWS! They also can be cut and placed to fit to your vehicle.

19 Reviews

  • Posted by Deborah Arace on 11th May 2021


    Static Cling back window

    It is bold & can be seen clearly from the outside on comers...however, from the inside you can not see through the letters. Will need to make adjustments by cutting and moving to the sides of your back window. From PJs As I stated on the attachment that came with the sign and also on the web site. This sign is NOT suitable for tinted windows.

  • Posted by Dawn McLaughlin on 29th Apr 2021


    Static Cling

    Just what I was looking for!

  • Posted by JENNIFER on 11th Mar 2021



    DOESNT STICK TO WINDOW From PJs Try spraying water on the window first and then squeege out the water. Also, window has to be really clean.

  • Posted by Joni Dunn on 15th Jul 2020


    Window Clings

    I bought one not realizing back window was tinted cause just bought vehicle for delivering. Gorilla tape comes in clear & will hold up well if you need to tape it on as I had to do. From PJs....Great Idea!

  • Posted by Cherie Cox on 9th Jul 2020


    Static cling

    Really good

  • Posted by Shanna on 18th Apr 2020


    window cling

    works great easy to cut and put where needed. stays in place.

  • Posted by Diane on 6th Mar 2020



    I love this cling! The only thing I wasn't sure about when I was purchasing was the size of it (it wasn't listed) - SO for those curious on size, it is about the same size as the door protectors! I use it on my NON TINTED Jeep hatch, and it is so clear for followers and doesn't effect my rear visibility either. Highly recommend this, ONLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE TINT. It went on smooth, and came back off smooth as well (as I use my jeep as a daily too and don't want to keep my postal signs on 24/7). :) From PJ's: Thanks for the review! Another thing that you can do is to cut the wording before you peel off the cardboard like backing into separate words. Example: Cut off U.S. and put U.S. above MAIL.

  • Posted by Heather on 22nd Dec 2019


    Never received

    Never received this product. Contacted the company and no reply has been made. From PJ's: I need an order # to check on this?????? or your first and last name.

  • Posted by Allison on 8th Dec 2019


    Great sign!

    Looks great! It is very visible as long as you have no tinting at all. I cut mine to go around my jeep tire in the back and it still stuck perfectly. Includes instructions also.