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Static Cling (NON MAGNETIC) These signs are designed for vehicles where magnetic signs cannot be used. Not suitable for TINTED WINDOWS! They also can be cut and placed to fit to your vehicle.

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10 Reviews

  • Posted by Nancy LeJeune on 8th Jun 2019


    static cling

    I would prefer one to cling on outside of window because most cars have factory tint so you can’t see the words
    From PJ's:
    If anyone can ever figure out a way that the static cling will stay on the outside of the window without "Blowing Off", they would probably become rich. The only way that will work at the present is to use 2" clear tape and tape all the way around the sign. But unfortunately you will be continuously replacing the tape as rain will eventually cause it to release. Just an idea. And I do include in the instructions that the sign is not suitable for tinted windows.

  • Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2019




  • Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2018


    good quality

    Went on easy, looks great
    Thanks....just a caution for those with tinted windows. This sign will not be seen from approaching traffic.

  • Posted by Jennifer on 24th Aug 2018


    good size

    Good size and sticks out! My only complaint is it really didn't want to stick to the window. My window is not tinted nor does it have the defrost lines on it. Once I got it stuck, it has stayed though.

  • Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2018


    hoping it worked

    It fell off after a day! Don't know if it was something I did. I don't know!!
    From PJ's:
    How did it fall off? It goes on the inside of the window.

  • Posted by Christy Helms on 23rd Feb 2018


    Good cling

    It's easy to apply and can be seen very good if you don't have tinted windows.

  • Posted by Latoya Braggs on 19th Feb 2018


    Static cling

    I didn't know, if you have tinted windows, it doesn't show very well.
    From PJ's:
    You are correct, and it plainly states this in the product description.

  • Posted by Jennifer waldrep on 2nd Sep 2016


    great quality and easy to put on!

    I would recommend this to anyone that uses their own vehicle for delivery. It is large and easy to see from the back window. It's made from good material and easy to put on.

  • Posted by kimberly on 8th Aug 2015


    Completely Satisfied RCA

    works perfectly, easy for people to see because of the colors which makes me feel safe. I've had one on the back of my jeep for a few years now and just purchased my 2nd one for my other jeep because I like it so much