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These are absolutely the most comfortable shirt
you will find to wear as you are casing and delivering
Nothing but A++++ comments from buyers.


* 2 Waist Pockets with hidden pocket for cell phone!

Please note...For best results, You will need to wash these in a fabric softner
after purchase. The dye that is used has a "starch-like" chemical.

The scrubs only come in Short Sleeve. Matching scrub pants are NOT available.

Even though CHOCOLATE is shown in picture, this color has been discontinued by Mfg. Sorry.

28 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2019



    I love them. They are comfortable and fit great Thanks for the review! Have had nothing but great reviews on the scrubs. The more you wash and wear them, it seems they just get MORE comfortable.

  • Posted by Stacy B. Las Vegas on 20th Mar 2019


    postal scrubs

    While I have not worn it yet it fits perfect. I like the darker color as the stains will not show. I have a feeling I will be ordering more.

  • Posted by Brenna on 8th Dec 2018


    7 years

    I have been wearing these for 7 years now, Great quality and worth every penny. This job is hard and brutal on your clothes. With these scrubs I don't have to worry, and they wash well also.

  • Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2018


    love them

    These are great. They don't stick to your body when you sweat. I would give 5 stars but the scrubs come with a small pocket inside of the large pocket. When you put your hand in the pocket to get your keys your hand gets caught on the small pocket. Not a big deal and easily fixed with a seam ripper. From PJ's: This pocket is designed to put your cell phone in. I think if you had your phone in the pocket, your hand should not get caught. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the review!

  • Posted by RCA on 4th Sep 2018



    WONDERFUL company will be ordering again soon..,scrubs are so useful in so many ways with the pockets on the front plus the logo makes you feel complete and apart of the team From PJ's: Scrubs were my FAVORITE also when I delivered the mail.

  • Posted by jane miller on 11th Jun 2018


    great scrubs

    Thank you

  • Posted by Shernedra Taylor on 15th May 2018


    softer scrubs

    The materials is very harsh. If you could make scrubs a little softer & the pockets need to be deeper. From PJ's: As noted in the description, these scrubs do have a starch like dye that is used when you receive them. After you wash them in fabric softner a couple of times, you will see that they are actually "very comfortable" as response in other reviews have noted.

  • Posted by [email protected] on 25th Feb 2018


    best scrubs!

    These scrubs are comfortable and practical. The fit is awesome. Color are bright. Just beautiful.

  • Posted by Michael Johnson on 17th Feb 2018


    Best purchase I’ve made from this company!

    This is the best purchase I’ve made so far from pjsigns! Very comfortable and I love the pockets for pens and markers.