Rural Carrier Note Cards

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We finally got these handy cards on our web site!
Now you can easily just check a box if you have something to tell your customers.
We have sold these at Conventions for many years and every year we are asked when are we going to have them so they can be re-ordered during the year. Well...Here they are at only $3.00 for a pack of 100 (That's only 3 cent each!).
You can literally save hours a month by not taking time to write your
customers notes on these "pre-written" sheets.


25 Reviews

  • Posted by K. Royer on 29th Jun 2018


    rural carrier note cards

    Would give 5 stars if they were in a pad. Like a tablet. They say what needs to be said. Hard to throw around the car though. From PJ's: I could have had them printed on a pad, but the cost was going to be $6 instead of $3. That's why I decided just to use a rubber band. Thanks for the comment.

  • Posted by Kimberly Herring on 9th Apr 2018


    note cards

    These are great note cards , I love the fact that I can just check the box for customer infrastructures and date them.

  • Posted by Dan G. on 30th Mar 2018


    Great product! Saves a ton of time!

    These preprinted note cards come in so handy! Truly amazing how many "mailbox issues" need to be frequently addressed. I'm so glad I don't have to handwrite reminders every time this occurs. It saves me a ton of time. A couple of things that could be added to the list: "Please fix sharp edges and remove any sharp objects - like nails." Or - something concerning snow removal. Snow always seems to be an issue in my area. Just a few ideas. Thank you!

  • Posted by Unknown on 4th Mar 2018


    customer service cards

    I do like the customer cards but I think that they should be more like a post it . They should have the sticky back so you can tear off the notepad and stick to inside of mailbox or stick on to door. I didn’t like that they were just a stack of individual notes. Especially because one of the stacks came opened so when I opened my package they came out all over my counter. From PJ's: COST was the biggest factor for not making them like "sticky notes". Almost 3 times the cost. Sorry.

  • Posted by Lori GC on 7th Jan 2018


    Luv It

    Really like these very informative.

  • Posted by Nathan Smith on 28th Dec 2017


    Time saver

    Lets my customers know what I am wanting to say without having to write it all out.

  • Posted by Unknown on 4th Sep 2017


    note cards

    I really like these but if they were on card stock it would be better From PJ's: We could do them on "card stock", but the price was going to be tripled. Did not think anyone would want to pay $9.00 pack. Thanks for the review.

  • Posted by Unknown on 13th Apr 2017


    love these notes

    Love these notes! Makes it easy to fill out and go!

  • Posted by Denae L Murphy on 4th Apr 2017


    Awesome Item

    Met my expectations!! Great Communications and Great Integrity! Thanks a million!!