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3" X 12"

4 Reviews

  • Posted by love these on 18th Oct 2021



    I put these on the back of my jeep. I thought it was cute for the first set I bought and have gotten lots of comments on them. That tells me people notice them and I like that!

  • Posted by Unknown on 1st Oct 2018


    Great Product

    I love this small magnetic sign

  • Posted by on 10th Mar 2017


    got mail

    This is one of my favs !!

  • Posted by amanda on 30th Mar 2015


    lost it

    I lost it a week or so later. :( cant seem to keep stickers on my car. Unfortunately, a lot of the newer cars have metal alloys that have aluminum and metal combined. They will stick, but not like the older cars that were all metal (no aluminum, which magnets will not stick to.) Keeping the magnets and your car cleaned more frequently will help, but you may still have problems keeping magnetic signs on your vehicle. The harder the magnetic signs are to take on and off, the more metal is there and less likely to come off while delivering your mail.