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The picture shown is just showing the comparison between the USPS issued straps and the ones we sell in the two colors. RED and ROYAL. We DO NOT sell the narrow straps. 

18 Reviews

  • Posted by Dee Loesing on 3rd Oct 2019


    Bundle Straps

    The extra width helps hold the mail so much steadier. I've ordered 20 total and will order them again. They are not stiff nylon, nor too soft to hold up. The clips hold very well yet also releases easily.

  • Posted by Daphne on 14th Jul 2019


    just what i was looking for

    I’d been looking for the wide straps for quite a while, but I found them expensive and in only blue or black. Because I bought these for myself, rather than ask my office to foot the bill, I wanted red straps so they’d be a different color from all the rest. I’ve used them for several weeks now and they’re holding up just fine. I recently purchased more so that I’d have enough for even the heaviest days. A bonus was how quickly my order was processed.

  • Posted by Rebecca Rudd on 18th Jun 2019


    these work great

    These work great. I wish you also sold the board with large pegs like I have in my office that I make the bundles with.

  • Posted by Unknown on 10th Jun 2019


    Very satisfied

    Easy to use website. Fast service. Quality straps. I love this website.

  • Posted by Dan G. on 24th Mar 2018


    Great bundle straps / Outstanding service!

    Great straps! I have been using them for a while and - so far so good. Can't complain, they do the job just fine. Sturdy, but not too bulky, and long enough for larger volumes keeping the bundles secure. ... The service of this company is OUTSTANDING! Always fast, friendly, thorough, and very honest. Their packaging is superb, so is their honesty with shipping charges. ... I'll definitely order from these folks again! Can't get any better than this. Thank you PJSIGNS

  • Posted by Linda Acosta on 9th Jan 2017


    Does the job

    Just what I needed. They work great and keep the bundles secure.

  • Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2016


    Good/kinda bad after use

    Overall they work great until using for a while. They seem to wear faster than they should. They seem to wear thin and break. Also i dont like when they send me some with the metal latches with curve in them, they dont hold as tight. I wish i could get free replacements for the ones that wear so fast. From PJ's: I used them for over 8 years before I retired with no problems at all of wearing. If you send those back taht are worn, we will gladly replace them. Also, a small file may be used to sharpen the points on the metal clasp to catch the strap better. thanks!

  • Posted by Unknown on 20th Nov 2015


    Bundle straps

    I like the old type straps. Does anyone sell these? Is this the price per strap or for how many straps? From PJ's: Your PM may be able to help you on the old type. Maybe someone in your office that have bought the wider and longer ones from me will relinquish their old straps to you. Yes...price is per strap.

  • Posted by Rod on 24th Oct 2015



    The work very well, a little too long but OK. Highly recommend From PJ's Signs... If they seem to be "too long", they can easily be cut, and sealed back nicely with a lighted match to "seal" the nylon. Thanks for the comment!