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The picture shown is just showing the comparison between the USPS issued straps and the ones we sell in the two colors. RED and ROYAL. We DO NOT sell the narrow straps. 

The straps are approximately 50 inches long. Much longer than the ones provided by the Postal Service.

The $4.50 cost is for ONE strap, which is cheaper than the ones that sometimes are offered in advertisements.

After several increases from my supplier over the last 12 months, we are sorry but we have to increase our price by .50 per strap. Inflation is not an imagined subject as we are all now experiencing this. Again, we thank you for your patronage and hope this problem will soon subside.

26 Reviews

  • Posted by shonda rice on 29th Oct 2020


    How many

    How many come with it? Dont understand. Buckles are 4.00 each. Thanks.

  • Posted by Unknown on 15th Oct 2020


    Bundle Strap

    Good straps. They actually do hold a bundle together much better than the old style. My only complaint is that the fabric in the straps doesn't hold up real good. A couple years at most, and then they fray and break. From PJs I do not understand this comment. Before I retired, I used these straps for at least 6 years and then gave them to my sub who bid on my route. She got my route and is still using the straps to this day.

  • Posted by Bonnie on 21st Jul 2020


    Durable straps...perfect size for my bundles!

    I really like the bright red and the length is perfect for large bundles.

  • Posted by Brian Bailey on 18th Jun 2020


    They are the best bundle straps

    They hold the mail and do not slip very easy

  • Posted by Karin Orr on 16th May 2020


    bundle straps

    They work very well. I wish the strap material was a little thicker but other then that they are great. From PJ's: I think if the material was thicker, you would not be able to pull it tight as well as this material.

  • Posted by Robert monroe on 10th Feb 2020


    Bundle Straps

    I really like the width of the straps I recieved . I can bundle twice the amount of mail , I carry on my route. A must have item, if you are a rural carrier. I promise , you will not be disappointed. From PJ's: Robert, Thanks for the review! I too, used these before I retired. It is amazing how the "Extra Width" makes your bundles more secure!

  • Posted by L Bourquin on 4th Feb 2020


    bundle strap

    carriers would rather have a different closure... we have some from previous carrier that has 2 rollers as closure. From PJ's: Sorry, I'm not familiar with those buckles. We have carried the same ones you received for 10 years+.

  • Posted by Carol Spaw on 23rd Nov 2019


    Bundle straps

    I love the straps.I have used the thinner ones for years and this Ireally makes my job easier delivering mail! From PJ's: I did the same as you did for years before I started using the wider (and longer) straps. No one really knows the difference until you try them. Thanks for the review!

  • Posted by Dee Loesing on 3rd Oct 2019


    Bundle Straps

    The extra width helps hold the mail so much steadier. I've ordered 20 total and will order them again. They are not stiff nylon, nor too soft to hold up. The clips hold very well yet also releases easily.