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This is the newest addition to our line of products for Rural Carriers. 

Ever need an extra hand to carry that large package to the door. With this handy cross body pouch, this frees up your hand and allows you to deliver that package to the door without any trouble at all. It is made of durable vinyl that is "custom sewed" that your scanner easily fits into. Also has a pocket in front for pens, etc. We carried these to the National Convention last year and sold out the first day. Much more comfortable than the waist clip provided by USPS.

Also, very nice pouch to store your scanner in your vehicle! Just hang it over your seat.

    13 Reviews

  • Posted by Linda Towell on 1st Dec 2023


    crossbody scanner holder

    helps alot just with winter gear make sure it's flush to coat so scanner doesn't fall out is worth the buy

  • Posted by Sean Lincoln on 17th Jan 2021


    Perfect Fit

    As a postal worker in the new Metris van I have a problem with the hip scanner. So I bought this and saw the reviews that it was too loose for the scanner. I placed my rigid hip holster into this holster and it works perfectly. No need for styrofoam, it stays inside this holster and makes the perfect fit. I’ve used it for a week now and am very happy. Thanks PJ Signs

  • Posted by Debra J Bowen on 5th Jun 2020


    Scanner pouch

    The only thing that would make this better is if the outside edge were rigid. Its a bit difficult to get the scanner back into it. It's really well made and the perfect size! From PJ's: Thanks for the suggestion! I will talk with my vendor and see what they can do.

  • Posted by Jeron on 5th Apr 2020


    Great Scanner Holder

    I love it. Great shipping too.

  • Posted by Rebecca on 9th Jan 2020


    Crossbody scanner

    I absolutely love this! I sit in center and am constantly moving scanner and being lazy and scanning in car and not at destination. This solved it! Ohio proud!

  • Posted by Janette Patterson on 24th Nov 2019


    adjustable cross body scanner pouch

    good concept, BUT, not deep enough to keep scanner from falling out when moving about From PJ's: Haven't had any more comments about the problem you seem to be having, but I would suggest cutting out some foam rubber or styrofoam about the same size as the scanner about 1/2 inch thick or so, so the scanner will sorta wedge in the pouch and not fall out. Hope this will work for you.

  • Posted by Mary Hudson on 1st Sep 2019


    Crossbody Scanner Pouch

    The design of the pouch is great and it’s an awesome tool for my job. I wear it constantly at work. My only issue is the stitching on it is quite messy. Otherwise, I love it! From PJ's: I will check with the company that sews these pouches and ask them if they cannot make the sewing more professional. Have not had any more customers that had this issue. Hopefully it was just a one time problem with the sewing. Thanks for the review.

  • Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2019


    like it

    It takes some getting used to but it’s better than the pouch that hangs on your pants. I gave it 4 stars because I would have liked the strap to be a little longer. From PJ's: You can adjust the strap to be quite a bit longer. Some carriers are adjusting it and wear it like a belt. Thanks for the order and the review.

  • Posted by Trina Calmes on 29th Mar 2019


    good idea

    I like it but I have a long torso and need the strap to be a little longer. I made it into a belt strap and it works better for me around my waist From PJ's: From what I hear from other carriers, a lot of them actually prefer to wear them this way! Thanks for the review.